Hold on Till May

Someone Someday is gonna love me. I found my someone one March. 4th. His name is Joe, and hes the light of my life, to be cliche.Finally. If you dont like me, well I don't really care because I don't like me either.Im useless, worthless, and a disappointment to the world, but "i refuse to let your words be the death of me. "Zombies eat flesh"I saw a ufo one time. Use correct grammar, Tatted with more to come

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mom what THE FUCK do you mean youre not a virgin

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why do i always look hot when no one’s around?

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astronomers got tired after watching the moon go around the earth for 24 hours so they decided to call it a day


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Workout buddies come in all sizes.

he looks a little worried 

“fuc- it’s getting faster-runrunrunrunrunshitshitshitshitshit”

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